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Gansu Agricultural University

Gansu Agricultural University (GAU) is situated on the picturesque Yellow River bank in Anning District of Lanzhou.
 Its predecessor was the National Veterinary College founded in Lanzhou in October 1946, and then merged
with the Gansu Agricultural College in preparations to establish Gansu Agricultural University in 1958. There
are more than 1,500,000 volumes, including 2,560 journals in Chinese and foreign languages in the library.
The campus, covering 879,762.7 h㎡ of land.

GAU has 16 colleges, 51 bachelor degree programs, 1 State Key Discipline, 1 Key Discipline of State Ministry
of Agriculture and 12 Provincial Key Disciplines. 3 Post-Doctoral Research Stations, 22 Ph. D programs,
62 Master’s Degree programs, and 48 Bachelor’s Degree programs. GAU has 29 research institutes and 39
labs that provide substantial support to academic activities.

GAU has 877 full-time teachers, 144 professors, 278 associate professors, and 369 lectures. Among these
professors and associate professors, one is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE).
The current enrollment includes 16,089 undergraduates and 1,951 post-graduates. GAU has cultivated more
 than 58,000 talents for country.

GAU has paid great attention to international academic exchanges, and has established friendly academic
 cooperation with many university and institutes in more than ten countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia,
New Zealand, the UK, Germany, France, and Japan. These have been in the areas of visiting scholars, academic
activities, scientific research cooperation, along with many other aspects of education and academic study.
The International Workshop of Sustainable Livestock Development and Natural Resource Management in
West China after WTO accession were successfully hosted by GAU.
Colleges and Departments (16):
College of Agronomy
College of Grassland Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine
College of Animal Science and Technology
College of Economy Management
College of Technology
College of Forestry Science
College of Food Science and Engineering
College of Resources and Environmental Sciences
College of Life Science and Technology
College of Humanities
College of Information Sciences and Technology
College of Science
College of Foreign Languages
College of Extended Education
Department of Physical Education
For further information
To receive further information, please contact us at the following address below:

Office of International Exchange and Cooperation
Gansu Agricultural University
No. 1 Yingmen village, Anning District, Lanzhou, 730070,yh88.com:Gansu Province, P.R.China.

Tel: +86-931-7632459, +86-931-7631365, +86-931-7631125        
Fax: +86-931-7632459
Email: kongxf@gsau.nje.psb811.com   wlj@gsau.nje.psb811.com   faogau@gsau.nje.psb811.com    maxiaojie@gsau.nje.psb811.com
For additional information about GAU, you can visit our website at http://www.720.337nsb.com.

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